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Regal Consulting has started with a very strong Foundation as an international company in Pakistan. With the progressive vision and focused mission and a very short focus on the core corporate values Regal Consulting has now become one of the most professional corporate services providers in Dubai.

We offer a full range of Auditing and accounts services. Our goal is to provide our clients with practical solutions to their auditing and accounts problems. We take the time to understand our client's needs and objectives and tailor our services to meet their individual requirements.

If you are in need of Auditing and accounts assistance, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you resolve your auditing and accounts matter in a professional and efficient manner.

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Our Mission

Our main goal is to build a long-lasting relationship based around honesty & transparency. We always act in the best interest of our clients and anticipate your needs. Because our client’s success determines our own.

Our Vision

The Regal Consulting is an international finance & legal consulting firm focused on creating value for companies operating in or expanding to Middle East & Pakistan.

Our Approch

Our Firm’s approach is to provide clients with a pragmatic and individually tailored advice, drawing on significant legal and business experience in the region. 


We make it our main requirement to be fully transparent with our clients and partners. By always providing accurate legal advice and involving our client every step of the way.


we relate to our clients and define together their long term and short-term plan. Being a boutique law firm, our clients are part of the team and have a privileged access to the legal team assigned to their case.


As a feedback data driven firm, we make sure to implement the latest technology into the firm’s workflow process to ensure smooth operation and optimize our efficiency.

Message by CEO

Atif Bashir (CMA Member, CPA & MBA Finance)

Atif is RAALC’s Chief Financial Officer and the head of the Credit Facility Department. He is a CMA (Certified Management Account ), CPA (Certified Public Accountant ) (PGDPA), and MBA Finance from Bahria University.

Atif monitors the factors that will affect the performance of the institution to achieve its objectives, but he also manages financial files of the customers and clients.

In the words of Warren Buffet himself, “Accounting is the language of business,” which gives Atif a well-established idea of the accounting essentials. His unique skills to manage customer files, combined with his excellent communication abilities, are the highlights of his professional competence. Offering comprehensive computational skills, Atif is one of the most critical accounting resources of RAALC.

Atif enjoys the ultimate decision-making authority to evaluate each project and its eligibility for the financial credit facility. He is a diligent and astute finance professional with a solid academic foundation in accounting and thoroughly versed in financial and cash flow management. Atif is experienced in financial reporting, corporate finance, problem-solving, and enhancing financial controls. He is a capable advisor with strong financial acumen, recommending possible risk aversion measures and cost-saving strategies.

His core strengths lie in financial management, financial analysis, financial reporting, cash flow management, financial accounting, and many more.

Why Choose us

Reason For Choosing Regal Consulting

Over the past nine years, Regal Consulting has established a reputation as one of the top firms providing auditing and accounting services in Dubai. It has been possible because of some ideals that are upheld, starting with knowledgeable staff who can serve customers efficiently. Our team has years of experience to assist you, whether you require auditing, accounting, business counseling, or any other service for your company.

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Our Team Member

Our Team of Experts

Atif Bashir


Rehan Ahmad

Manager Audit & Assurance

Samina Nazir

Founding Partner / Head of Business Development

Muhammad Sabra

Head of Collection & Litigation Department
Atif Bashir

Atif Bashir is the CEO of a legal consultation firm in Pakistan. He has a background in law and has been practicing for over 20 years. He is a leader in his field and is respected by his peers.

Rehan Ahmad
Manager Audit & Assurance

Rehan has more than 15 years of solid expertise as a seasoned Finance & Accounts certified & chartered professional. He has played an integral role in the successful completion of numerous projects. His skills and experience have made him a valuable asset to the team. He is instrumental in developing and improving clients' financial policies and procedures.

Samia Nazir
Founding Partner / Head of Business Development

Samia is a Chartered & Certified Associate Banker with a broad range of experience in the finance industry. She is in charge of overseeing end-of-period procedures, providing assistance with the examination of periodic business performance, budgets, and projections, and identifying and pursuing new business leads for the company's expansion.

Muhammad Sabra
Head of Collection & Litigation Department

It's safe to say that Mohamed Sabra can handle practically anything. He is an expert in debt collection and has successfully represented many clients in court. He successfully manages all insurance, solvency, and trade license validity due to his more than 8 years of expertise in organizational development and customer facilitation.

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